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The sky is scattered with a few clouds. A chance of thunderstorms with no rain.
There was a large accident with three trams today. Apex released this statement. "A simple test gone wrong, we were experimenting with a new model of tram today at increased speeds. Unfortunately, the timing was off when the three came to the same intersection. Luckily, no one was injured as all these tests are unmanned and made from a remote control. Please be patient as the trams are running slower than usual. Thank you."

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 Grand Sōke Masaaki Hatsumi

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PostSubject: Grand Sōke Masaaki Hatsumi   Wed Mar 17, 2010 2:43 am

"Always be able to kill your students."

[ Masaaki Hatsumi ]



December 2


Wife: Hinata Hatsumi
Daughter: Wing Chun Hatsumi

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 200 lb.
Hair: Brownish Grey
Eyes: Black
Skin: Pale

Likes: His family and Martial arts.
Dislikes: People breaking his rules.
Hobbies: Reading Manga.

A very serious and gloomy man. Masaaki Hatsumi has constant dark thoughts about the present and future but happy thoughts about the past. Alone with his family, he is always happy and grinning but around anybody else, he's sad or depressed. He never finds interest in any students or member in his dojo. The only people he respects, besides his family, are the nine sōkes under him. Besides that, he sees everybody else has faceless people who will amount to nothing. He likes to pass the time reading manga, constantly sighing while saying, "Why can't my life be more interesting like that."

Masaaki started his dojo when he was eighteen. He developed his style from the ground up and perfected it to a high degree. Many tried to defeat him but everybody failed. Without knowing defeat, he grew bored. After a while, nine seperate people pushed him to his limit. They all didn't appear at once but they all fought him at different periods of his life. All nine studied under him, hoping to learn new moves and grow stronger. He excepted each because they all piqued his interest. After a while, all nine borrowed something from Masaaki's martial arts and contributed it into their arts. After they all got really advanced into their training, Masaaki decided he would learn all of their styles just to make sure he can kill any of them just in case. He was never trusting enough to actually teach someone his style, his students only studied it while one would provoke the style out of him. After all nine masters perfected their styles to be eighty percent more efficient than their original form, Masaaki himself mastered all nine styles. Becoming a hybrin of every style including yours, he then perfected his style to the highest degree. To this very day, he has never been defeated.
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Grand Sōke Masaaki Hatsumi
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