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The sky is scattered with a few clouds. A chance of thunderstorms with no rain.
There was a large accident with three trams today. Apex released this statement. "A simple test gone wrong, we were experimenting with a new model of tram today at increased speeds. Unfortunately, the timing was off when the three came to the same intersection. Luckily, no one was injured as all these tests are unmanned and made from a remote control. Please be patient as the trams are running slower than usual. Thank you."

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 Ruach Persephone

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Name: Farnikhtn
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Age: 30*

PostSubject: Ruach Persephone   Tue Mar 16, 2010 10:07 pm

-Name: Ruach Persephone
\roo-akh pər-ˈse-fə-nē\
-Age: 17*
-Gender: Female
-Height: 5’3”
-Hair: Dark Blonde/Brown
-Eyes: Blue
-Weight: 115lbs**

Loyal, surprisingly quick witted, and quite excitable, her intelligence and knowledge is hidden by a look of eternal bliss and the attitude of a child. She very rarely feels the need to show off; when questions are directed toward her she will usually grin and giggle as a response if somebody else within the group could answer, however if nobody can answer she will give a simple answer, if people still seem confused she will follow with an extremely detailed and informative explanation (with childish illustrations as needed).

She has a terrible sense of direction; if asked for directions she will point in a random direction; if leading a group she wanders turning whenever she feels is the right time. She needs the exact address to arrive at a given location on time. When she finds herself alone and lost, she always manages to find her way back to Farnikhtn’s store (by walking up and down every street in the city until she finds it).

If childhood stories become a subject of conversation she will quickly change the subject regardless of awkward or embarrassing situations arising.

She becomes furiously embarrassed, offended, and angry if her age is asked, questioned, or even guessed at, in any way, shape, or form.

She doesn’t show outward aggression or emotion like most people, only her degree of happiness appears to change. However, she has learned to cry on cue at times “when most young girls should cry,” as per Farnikhtn’s orders.

Genetics; organs implanted in her pre-pubescent self to enhance the development and/or the capabilities of fully developed human organs.
-Eyes: Sharper vision and clearer vision at night.
-Ears: Enhanced all the functions of the ear.
-Muscular/Skeletal: Increased muscle and bone density, capability, and efficiency.
-Immune system: Removes or neutralizes toxins that would normally kill a person.
-Cardiovascular: Greatly increased the effectiveness of normal human blood (oxygen transfer/clotting/healing).
-Second heart: Fully capable of maintaining blood flow with failure of the primary.
-Neural: Allows segments of the brain to rest individually so she may stay awake for days with little or no consequence.

The one employee of Farnikhtn’s store, she nearly always seems to be there, wide awake and smiling, regardless of what time it happens to be.

A product of Apex Futuristics’ first major contract; the military’s perfect design for infiltration and assassination, the last of twenty recruits; forced into physical and mental perfection, and the only one to never see actual combat. Despite completing her combat, tactical, intellectual, and spiritual training she was immediately retired due to a small error in the procedure. Farnikhtn has been burdened with watching over her, currently he is her third “superior” and she follows his orders immediately, without question.

Due to a particular implant Ruach does not remember anything of her childhood and has been forbidden any real human contact because of her misunderstanding of the durability of the average person.

*Due to her body being in a constant state of rejuvenation she is much older than she looks.
**Due to the development of her muscles and bones being enhanced, she only appears to weigh 115lbs; she actually weighs around 450lbs.
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Ruach Persephone
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