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The sky is scattered with a few clouds. A chance of thunderstorms with no rain.
There was a large accident with three trams today. Apex released this statement. "A simple test gone wrong, we were experimenting with a new model of tram today at increased speeds. Unfortunately, the timing was off when the three came to the same intersection. Luckily, no one was injured as all these tests are unmanned and made from a remote control. Please be patient as the trams are running slower than usual. Thank you."

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 The City's History

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PostSubject: The City's History   Mon Jan 11, 2010 9:10 pm

A small publishing company specializing in music began to get more noticed as they're clientele grew and grew due to their excellent treatment of their employees. That company, now known as Apex Futuristics, started their initial grow to power by beginning to buy out the companies they bought their equipment from and the companies that sold their records. Quickly growing to power, The Evanwing Family decided their efforts were best put towards a global organization that was for the betterment of man-kind. They branched out as they bought company after company and slowly absolving any competition into their own organization. After their rise to power, Oscar Evanwing, the company's CEO, made the world slowly come together under one banner...his. The world now knows only one name and even though several names exist, they all are still under the Apex brand. The company decided that their interests were best served by isolating the citie's of the world and complete control of everything in or out. Now with only a select number of large industrial cities and the rest of the world made of Apex factories or cut off from all mankind. This is where they make their home...
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The City's History
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