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The sky is scattered with a few clouds. A chance of thunderstorms with no rain.
There was a large accident with three trams today. Apex released this statement. "A simple test gone wrong, we were experimenting with a new model of tram today at increased speeds. Unfortunately, the timing was off when the three came to the same intersection. Luckily, no one was injured as all these tests are unmanned and made from a remote control. Please be patient as the trams are running slower than usual. Thank you."

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 1821 N Thunder Road

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Name: Ichijin Kuuchuu Kyuuten Igyou
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PostSubject: 1821 N Thunder Road   Mon Jan 25, 2010 5:02 pm

This is where Ichijin's family lives. It's a three story house. The first floor consist of a huge kitchen, guest room, entrance room with two set of stairs set side by side with a large chandelier in the middle hanging from the ceiling. It also has a giant dining room for parties with public size bath rooms. The second floor consist of a recreation room that includes pool tables, full bar, karaoke, pinball machines, darts, big flat screen TV with every possible game system out there, and surround sound system installed into the walls. It also has Ichijin and his brother's bed rooms. The second floor also has a balcony big enough to have a pool on it, which it does. The dining room on the first floor can see through the ceiling to see the pool through a very thick bullet proof glass. The third floor consist of his parent's bed room, father's office, and a closet that house a small family. Each bed room in the house has their own bathroom The back yard is nothing too big but it does have a big kid park for when Ichijin and his little brother were little. They have something similar to a garage but it's more like an extra room.
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Jonas Eli

Jonas Eli

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PostSubject: Re: 1821 N Thunder Road   Fri Apr 30, 2010 4:47 pm

A dark hooded man entered the house as the clock struck midnight. An emotionless face drew over him as he walked down the hall towards the largest bedroom. He opened the door slightly before noticing two older people laying in bed. He put his hand in his coat and pulled out a pistol with a silencer. The two woke up in bed and sprung forward. "A gift from an old friend." The man said in a gruff voice before squeezing the trigger twice. He pulled his phone out and called. "It's done." He made his way back outside before jumping on a tram speeding heavily away.
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1821 N Thunder Road
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